Today, medium- to high-income families are going for SUVs instead of minivans and mid-size sedans. Many are comparing it to the Kia Sorrento and stating that the 2020 Kia Telluride addresses the shortcomings of Kias earlier SUVs, namely cargo and passenger capacity. The Telluride is currently the biggest vehicle in the Kia arsenal, with a seating capacity of 8 passengers and 87 cubic feet of cargo space. Read on to know more about this car. 


The front of the Telluride is in the Kia style with striking...continue reading

Though the van market has shrunk a bit in the last few years, there is still no alternative for a decent sized family than owning a van. Kia has created two exceptional vans, namely the Kia Sedona and the Kia Sorento. 

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For now, let us compare both of these vehicles to see which one is better suited for your particular tastes.

1. Engine - They both have good...continue reading

Kia Niro EV that fared pretty well in the European markets was recently named car of the year upon reaching the US. The car became popular as e-Niro in Europe and sold over 10,000 units in no time. E-Niro raised the same temperatures in the US and bagged the title of the car of the year by Popular Mechanics on entering the American market. But what makes the Kia Niro car of the year? Lets find out.

1. Its electric: Electric cars will soon be the new normal, but for now, e-Niro stands out among other cars in the...continue reading

The age-old question of which is more comfortable and offers better value for money between a sedan and an SUV has left many car enthusiasts perplexed. Either of the two can have advantages for some and may not appeal to others. Heres a comparative guide to help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying a car.

Space: Comfort surely has a lot to do with space. For people looking to buy a car that can accommodate their entire family, the SUV could be a better option with more leg and luggage space....continue reading

Kia is an excellent vehicle suited for these looking to make comfortable commutes over mid to long distances regularly with safety and comfort in mind. Kia vehicles are built with a view to longevity and efficiency. Kia also ensures the repairability and maintenance of its vehicles by issuing a very sensible 10 year/100,000 miles Kia warranty. This is a very sensible investment to make for those who seek to be stress-free for the duration of their vehicle usage, which with a Kia, can be a very long time. Here...continue reading