The proper functioning of brakes is extremely important for the safety of the car. Read on to learn the steps needed to check the brake fluid in your vehicle.

1. Locate the brake fluid reservoir.

Find the brake fluid reservoir situated above the master cylinder. If you are not sure about your brake fluid reservoir's location then refer to your owner manual before you open the hood.

2. Visually inspect the fluid levels in the reservoir.

Most new cars have a transparent brake fluid reservoir with markings on the outside...continue reading

The Kia Telluride for the model year 2021 is an excellent 3-row crossover as it is ideal for shuttling families. The vehicle also looks more expensive than it actually is. We will cover some major interior features in this article.

Here is a close look at the 2021 Telluride interior:

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The feature offers in-car connectivity on the basis of your smart phones capability. It also comprises an embedded modem in the vehicle. UVO link app enables access to the following:

1. Remote features such as unlock/lock,...continue reading

For your vehicle to function smoothly, regular maintenance and timely checkups play imperative roles. If followed correctly and carefully, it can easily help you avoid costly breakdowns, while also increasing its life.

Even though understanding and implementing car maintenance might prove to be a challenge sometimes, it's far from anything that would necessitate in-depth mechanical knowledge. Here is a quick guide you can refer to.

Get Well-acquainted with the User Manual

All vehicles have their specific...continue reading

If the check engine light illuminates in the car dashboard, it means there is some issue with your vehicle. Car lots in LaGrange, GA have a range of vehicles and sometimes these vehicles can have minor issues. These can vary from things as small as a loose cap to faulted circuits. The check engine light will either flash or stay steady according to the severity of the issue.

Many times, when the check engine light comes on or is blinking, it can become confusing. To do away with any such confusion, we have compiled a list...continue reading

The best way to ensure that your tires deliver the best handling performance and field economy is to maintain the right air pressure.

Checking your tire pressure regularly is important for safety and longer tire life. In this article, we will learn how you can check your tire pressure.

Steps for checking the tire pressure

1. Find the recommended tire pressure

There are three places where you can learn about the recommended tire pressure.

  • In the owners manual
  • On the door jambs sticker of the drivers side
  • Near the console,...continue reading