As one of the top automakers worldwide, Kia offers many auto-related services to their customers. These services are aimed at enhancing your Kia driving experience and giving you as much value as possible. 

One such service is the Kia UVO eServices, which is an in-vehicle infotainment system and media controller that comes with many Kia vehicles today. This system can connect with your smartphone to bring you a wide range of infotainment options.

Kia UVO is a voice-enabled system that is integrated into your Kia vehicle...continue reading

Trading in your used car when you are buying a new one is a common practice that can get you a great deal. However, before you go ahead with this process, there is some crucial information about your own vehicle, as well as the trade-in process that you need to know. 

As the top Kia dealer LaGrange has to offer, at our Kia of LaGrange dealership, we always want our customers to get the best trade-in deals. Here are some essential tips that can help you get the most out of the process. 

Nowadays, we demand more from our cars. While their main purpose is to get us around and take us from one place to another, we are now demanding features that will make our commute easier and more comfortable. 

Thanks to advancements in auto engineering and design, top automakers such as Kia now offer a wide range of infotainment features, including high-quality sound systems in cars. The Kia Telluride is one of the best SUVs in the market today, and it has managed to maintain its top spot for years not only...continue reading

When you are on the road, the safety of your vehicle as well as you and your passengers should be of utmost priority. Today, most Kia cars come with a Kia Lane Keep Assist to ensure your safety and avoid accidents while you are driving. 

This driver assistance feature, as the name suggests, helps you (the driver) stay in your lane while on the road. It uses sensors combined with on-board cameras in your vehicle to track road markings while you are driving. 

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Kia Motors or Kia Motors Corporation is the second-largest South Korean auto manufacturer. Its headquarters are in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and its annual sales exceeded 3.3 million units in the year 2015. Its minority owner is Hyundai, whose stake in the company accounts for 33.8 percent with a value of more than 6 billion dollars.

Early History

The company was founded in December 1944 when it went by the name of Kyungsung Precision Industry. Its main business at the time was to manufacture steel tubing as well as...continue reading