2020 Kia Sedona vs 2020 Kia Sorento

Though the van market has shrunk a bit in the last few years, there is still no alternative for a decent sized family than owning a van. Kia has created two exceptional vans, namely the Kia Sedona and the Kia Sorento. 

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For now, let us compare both of these vehicles to see which one is better suited for your particular tastes.

1. Engine - They both have good quality engines with excellent mileage available. The only discerning feature here is that the Sorento gives many more hybrid powertrain options. The hybrid options come with a much-improved fuel economy as well as being a little better for the environment. Considering both vehicles are created solely for utility and the motility of a family, it would seem that the Sorento edges past the Sedona in this category.

2. Exterior - They both have good enough exteriors, as vans go, but the Sedona seems to be sticking with practicality over all the other considerations. This is felt even on its exteriors, which though functionally, are perfect, do not impart a good look to the vehicle. This does not mean that the Sorento looks exceptional, but it does look better than the Sedona.

3. Interiors- This is the all-important category when it comes to vans. Apart from the mileage, a van is purchased for the interior it provides, and though both these vehicles have ample interior space, the Sedona looks very spacious while the Sorento is bigger. But for all that, the Sedona seems to have lackluster upholstery, which is serious enough to deserve mention in the interior category.

4. Pricing - The pricing for both these vehicles is very well done with value for money being guaranteed. That being said, the Sedona does have rather expensive safety options, which though necessary, seem to be a little too pricey.


Both these are excellent buys for family. For those who wish to go for a van and have the need for one, then the no-frills Sedona is perfect. For those who wish to go for a van, but do not wish it to be officially a 'van', then they can go for the slightly more stylish and officially a crossover vehicle, the Sorento.

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Source: Kia