How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

 2019 Kia Niro

How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

Everybody likes the look of clean and polished cars. No matter how shiny and new your vehicle looks on the outside, it should be able to reflect the same tidiness on the inside. When car seats have not been cleaned for too long, however, they develop stains and odd smells. Eventually, these seats start to look aged, thereby diminishing the overall charm of your vehicle. If you are looking for answers on how to clean cloth car seats, continue reading.

Home Remedies
If you notice a stain that has been well-worn into your seat, you can try a few home remedies to get rid of the stain.

  • 1. Laundry detergent: Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with hot water. You can put this mixture in a spray bottle or container. Spray or dab this mix onto the stain and use a sponge to wipe it off. After you have cleansed the area, rinse it with the help of cold water and a microfibre cloth.
  • 2. Vinegar: Mix about 250 ml of white distilled vinegar and add a few drops of dish soup to it. Pour this solution into four litres of hot water, and use a brush to wipe the entire surface of the seat.
  • 3. Club Soda: You can also fill up a spray bottle with club soda and spray it all over the seats to eliminate any debris.

Fabric Cleaner
The first step is to vacuum your seats before you clean them with any liquids. Doing so will help get rid of any dust or debris. Make sure to vacuum the corners and crevices as well. Next, load up the fabric cleanser into a spray bottle and spray it a few times over the area where you see the stain. It is best to work on one region at a time to avoid the liquid from drying up before you get to scrub it.

Invest in a soft bristle interior brush to help scrub out the stains. These brushes are far less aggressive and take out the stains efficiently. After you clean the area, you can sweep it off using a microfibre cloth. Lastly, vacuum the entire portion to dry up any saturation on the cloth seats. With the help of these tips, you can keep your cloth seats in top conditions at all times.

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