Kia Sportage Oil Change Interval And Frequency

 Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage Oil Change Interval And Frequency

The Kia Sportage is known for its incredible driving features and fuel economy. The model is a compact SUV, with features built for an ideal urban driving experience. It was first launched in 2015 and underwent a remarkable transformation in 2018. The car is currently in its fourth generation, with a robust fuel economy to its credit. For the best engine performance, it is important to conduct regular oil changes for your car. Read on to know more about oil change interval and frequency for a Kia Sportage in LaGrange, Georgia.

Why should I change my car oil?
The oil used in car engines is a lubricant that allows it to function smoothly. The oil prevents the metallic parts inside the engine from scraping against each other. Without this fluid, the different parts of the engine would generate excessive friction, which is quite damaging. Apart from lubrication, oil also prevents the different parts of the car from overheating. When the oil flows around all components of the engine, it distributes heat evenly throughout. Over time, the oil collects a lot of dust and debris that tend to accumulate over the engine's parts.

With debris in the oil, the fluid becomes denser and more viscous. This density prevents it from flowing smoothly and carrying out its functions efficiently. To prevent overheating and damage to the engine, it is important for every car owner to change their engine oil on a regular basis.

How often should I change my engine oil?
When you purchase your car, your dealership or manufacturer will provide you with an estimated range of miles within which you must change your oil. This estimate is more or less the same across all models of the Kia Sportage and varies with the period during which you purchased the model. The frequency of an oil change for a Kia Sportage is between 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Every time you cross 5,000 miles, take your Kia Sportage to the nearest service center in LaGrange, Georgia to have the engine oil replaced. You are also required to conduct regular maintenance and service sessions for your Kia Sportage to keep it working at its optimum best. Visit a Kia of LaGrange dealership in LaGrange, Georgia to know more about Kia Spo

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