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Kia UVO Connectivity

In-car communication systems have undergone a revolution and today’s automobile manufacturers implement state-of-the-art technology to give car owners the best connectivity possible. The Kia UVO is one such system designed to offer an exceptional driving experience for users.

Kia UVO stands for 'Your Voice'. It supports a suite of superior hardware and software solutions that make driving a pleasure. The Kia UVO has been praised by experts for being extremely responsive, engaging, and dynamic. The system has much better graphics than other in-car connectivity systems and contains an extensive selection of features.

The UVO comes pre-integrated with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it very convenient for smartphone users to sync their phones with their Kia car. Bluetooth is another option that the UVO supports, making USB connectivity practically redundant.

Types of Kia UVO systems Kia Motors has released three types of UVO technology for its different makes and models:

• UVO play: This is the basic version of UVO which gives access to radio, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

• UVO link: In addition to the features offered in UVO play, the UVO link also provides vehicle diagnostics and remote monitoring. The data is shared to your smartphone through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

• UVO link with navigation: Along with the features of the UVO link, there’s an in-built navigation system with live driving stats and vehicle diagnostics.

All Kia UVO types work on an 8-inch touchscreen that is extremely responsive to both touch and voice commands.
Other features available in Kiva UVO • SiriusXM Travel Link®
• MYUVO access
• Enhanced roadside assistance
• Song tagging
• Parking minder
• Blackberry 10 and Siri Eyes Free integration

Control your car remotely through UVO connectivity The best part about the UVO is how it allows car owners to operate and control certain features of the car remotely. The UVO is also accessible through a web browser and can be logged-into and used to set-up in-car systems beforehand. The UVO also self-updates as and when the company publishes a new one. This ensures that your Kia UVO connectivity remains state-of-the-art. Get your Kia in LaGrange with UVO connectivity today at Kia of LaGrange.

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