What Makes the Kia Ten-Year Warranty a Good Deal?

Kia is an excellent vehicle suited for these looking to make comfortable commutes over mid to long distances regularly with safety and comfort in mind. Kia vehicles are built with a view to longevity and efficiency. Kia also ensures the repairability and maintenance of its vehicles by issuing a very sensible 10 year/100,000 miles Kia warranty. This is a very sensible investment to make for those who seek to be stress-free for the duration of their vehicle usage, which with a Kia, can be a very long time. Here are a few reasons why the warranty is worth it.

1. Repairs are taken care of - Generally, for the entire duration of the 10 years or of 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, your vehicle will be looked after dedicated technicians who have worked with and understand the Kia build intimately. This ensures the utmost care when repairing an issue with your vehicle and also comes in handy with replacements due to their familiarity with those as well.

2. Emergency assistance - One of the finer features of this warranty is the roadside emergency assistance that Kia will provide in the event of a breakdown of your vehicle. Not only will Kia representatives be there to try and fix the issue, but they will also have it towed in case the issue could not be fixed on the spot. They even have got weekends and holidays covered by a network of Kia approved vendors.

3. Trip Interruption Policy – In case the vehicle breakdown outside the 150 mile limit for your home, then Kia offers reimbursements if repairs take more than 24 hours, to ensure your food and lodging is unaffected.

4. Toll-Free Assistance - Kia understands the frustration of having to speak with an authorized caller on your own dime, and so they have set up a couple of dedicated toll-free assistance numbers to help you with your vehicular emergency in a fast and timely fashion.

5. Mental Peace - Perhaps the biggest asset of this 10 year Kia warranty is that due to the above-mentioned facts, this policy is, in fact, buying you mental peace for 10 years or 100,000 miles.

So, enquire at any of the Kia dealerships in Georgia to know more about this great warranty. For more information, you can also visit the Kia of LaGrange dealership in LaGrange, GA, just a short drive away from Columbus, Hogansville, and Manchester. 

Source: KIA