How to Protect Your Car in a Hurricane?

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How to Protect Your Car in a Hurricane?

Are hurricanes common where you live? If they are, it's important that you know what to do to safeguard your car. At Kia of Auburn, we are a reputed Kia dealership in LaGrange GA. We have extensive experience getting cars (and drivers) ready for hurricanes.

6 tips to keep your car safe in a hurricane

Park it in a safe sport
Your choice of a parking spot will determine how safe your car will be during a hurricane. Always, as a rule, park away from trees, fences, road signs, billboards, or anything that can fall over your car. Park your car against the side of a building to prevent the gales from reaching it. Alternatively, you can use a garage.

Pack the garage doors with sandbags or plywood
If you decide to park your car in the garage, fill up any open spaces to prevent water from getting in. This includes the base of your garage door, your window sills, and any open grates.

Cover the windows of the car with duct tape
Paste duct tape on your vehicle’s windows, in a crisscross design. This will provide an additional layer of protection and prevent the glass from shattering due to harsh winds.

Fuel-up your car in advance
Always make sure to top-up your car with fuel well in advance. This way, you’re not left stranded in the eye of the storm, if you’re ever out during the hurricane. And not just fuel; refill all fluids, coolants, and oils.

Get comprehensive hurricane car insurance
Car insurance with hurricane coverage is imperative when you’re living in a hurricane zone. Make sure you read-up your T&Cs before hurricane season sets in. This gives you plenty of time to purchase new insurance or revise your terms before the storm starts. Additionally, take before & after (the hurricane) photos of your car to make sure you benefit from your insurance.

Don’t drive on inundated roads
Avoid driving on roads that are already filled with water. When water gets into your car, it destroys your engine, motor, wheels, and interiors. These damages can make the car stop running and might prove life-threatening during a hurricane. If you’d like more tips about safeguarding Kia cars in LaGrange, then contact us today.

Source: Kia