Best Kia Safety Features in 2019

For Kia, the protection of its passengers is the biggest priority, and Kia has one of the best driver-assist technologies in place to ensure this. Let's take a look at the greatest safety highlights among all the recently released Kia vehicles.

Driver Attention Warning
Through a camera located on the instrument panel and steering wheel, this innovation constantly monitors the driver. IF it detects that the driver is drowsy or distracted, it immediately illuminates and sounds a warning to bring back attention.

Lane Keeping Assist
This is another essential driver assistance characteristic that ensures that the driver does not suddenly leave the lane that the car is presently on by mistake. If this does happen, the feature will first display a notification light and then a warning sound. If the driver still does nothing about it, it will steer your vehicle gently back into the requisite lane.

Park Distance Warning – Forward (PDW-F)
This feature also works with the help of sensors located on the front and rear ends of the car. They detect another automobile that's coming into proximity to your Kia or when you're attempting to maneuver into a tight and cramped space. It proves imperative most times and reduces the chances of accidents, especially while parallel parking or fitting your Kia into a tight space.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go
Are you exhausted from driving in traffic and need a small break? Now, with adaptive cruise control, you can make use of your favorite cruise control feature in congestion as well. This feature senses the speed of the car ahead and adjusts your pace accordingly. Additionally, Stop and Go can halt the vehicle or resume acceleration in times of emergencies.

Low Beam Assist
In this specialty innovation, the headlamps also move left or right following the steering wheel, reducing blind spots and increasing the visibility of the driver. It certainly does come in handy when driving late at night through low visibility areas. 

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Source: Kia