2019 Kia Soul Safety

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      2019 Kia Soul Safety


      The Kia Soul was originally assembled in 2014. A five-door subcompact crossover SUV. In its third generation, The Soul is the chosen car for several families around the world. A comfortable ride and includes tons of cargo space.

      The 2019 version of the Soul has hit showrooms across the country. The latest model of the Kia Soul is wowing everyone with its classy interiors, multiple engine choices, and a value-for-money infotainment system. The most noticeable thing about the subcompact crossover is the advanced features that help it stand out from the crowd. We take a look at the safety aspects that give the 2019 Kia Soul an edge over the competition.


      Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

      ABS is modified when encountering extraordinary breaking and driving on uneven landscapes. Trusting a regular braking system is a catastrophe waiting to happen. When the driver is forced to apply extreme braking, a conventional braking system does little to help support the balance.

      • To help steer clear safety issues, the 2019 Kia Soul comes with ABS that modulates the brake pressure when the system senses that a tire has stopped rotating. ABS helps the car turn smoothly during braking.



      Kia is credited for structuring and assembling the most secure vehicles out and about today.  The 2019 Kia Soul conveys the heritage.

      • Front-impact airbags - protect different parts of the head
      • Side-impact airbags - designed to protect the torso. 
      • Overhead airbags - designed to absorb the impact from a collision

      Every Soul includes pre-tensioners that lowers the risk of serious injuries by placing the occupant in the optimal seating position if a collision. 


      Stability control 

      Stability control analyzes your driving speed regularly and will either reduce the acceleration or apply the brakes if the system senses that the handling limits have been exceeded.

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