Learn About Kia DRIVE WiSE

Kia Motors Drive Wise technology Smart Park Assist System

In the last few years, every auto manufacturer has included driver assistance software as part of the standard package. The Kia DRIVE WiSE is an advanced driving assistance system. The software package varies between vehicles offering just three features in some and more than 11 in others.

Driver assistance technologies have become an integral part of the driving experience and offer enhanced safety. As a buyer, it is important to understand what Kia DRIVE WiSE features are optional, standard, and unavailable in vehicles on your to-buy list. Details on the DRIVE WiSE package systems can be had at a dealership based on your choice.

Kia DRIVE WiSE Features

The driver assistance system has built-in adaptive cruise control as well as the capability to stop-and-go. Forward collision warning, pedestrian detection system, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring enhance safety. A lane-keeping assistant, a lane departure and lane-centering assistance prevent unnecessary accidents. A backup camera works seamlessly with the parking guidance system to make parking in tight spots much easier. In case a driver is tired and dozing at the wheel, the driver monitoring system sends an alert. These features are standard in vehicles with the LX and S trims.

In the Telluride EX trim, the Highway driving-assist feature used adaptive cruise control technology with lane centering to reduce driver fatigue. Safety testing has proven that the Highway driving assistance feature is reliable and accurate. It makes hands-free driving much easier. The only thing not configured is the automatic emergency stop. 

Automatic turning on of high beams is an option in the Telluride EX and part of the standard package for the SX. Forward parking sensors, a surround-view camera, and blind-spot monitoring make it easier for the driver to see the vehicle’s environs.

Navigation-based adaptive cruise control makes it easy for drivers who want to check emails at a traffic light. The program detects the movement of vehicles as the lights change and alert the driver. The Kia DRIVE WiSE has a lot of useful features and technologies which are updated every year for its new vehicles. This next-gen safety technology is good for protecting the driver and passengers in accidents. It will be interesting to see what new feature will be included in the DRIVE WiSE lineup and which will be offered in every vehicle.

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