Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter

Car filters are available in two styles – radial and panel. These filters are mounted in the middle and on top of the engine in a black casing made of plastic. The function of car filters is the same as that of a home air filter. They trap dirt and air pollutants like volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide. If dirt present in the air is not trapped, it could get into the engine and damage pistons and other parts. By cleaning the air, passengers are protected from air borne pollutants too, including pollen.

When should you change your car’s air filter?

Changing a car’s filters regularly can significantly improve an engine’s performance and life. The general rule of thumb offered by experts is to change the filter at least twice a year or at 15,000 miles. Replacing a clogged filter increases fuel efficiency by about 15%. This is reason enough to change the air filter and to put in the right size. 

You can change the filter yourself if you know how to do it. You can also get it done by a mechanic when you go in for regular maintenance tasks like an oil change. What many drivers do not realize is that even though it is a small item, it plays an important role in engine efficiency.

Why is changing the air filter in spring a good idea?

Spring is a good time to tackle car maintenance. Wouldn’t you like to have clean air in the vehicle and an efficient engine? Here are three good reasons:

1.   Dealing with pollen: When trees start putting gout new leaves during the spring, you do not want your allergies aggravated. Changing your air filter at the beginning of spring will ensure that your symptoms are not as severe.

2.   Cleaner air: Imagine using the same filter through the winter and into the spring. Filters do get dirty, and they can place an additional burden on the engine. A dirty and clogged filter will let it more VOCs and other irritants. It can have a detrimental impact on your health if you spend a lot of time driving and prone to allergies.

3.   Getting ready for summer driving: It is important to read your owner manual thoroughly and do maintenance tasks as listed. Families like to go on vacations once winter is over. Every vehicle needs a different tire and engine oil based on weather. Spring is a good time to get all scheduled maintenance done based on where you live. Get your car checked out from stem to stern and replace necessary parts.


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