Tips For Protecting Your Kia In The Summer

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    Summer season is here – which means more car rides and lots of fun experiences. Although summertime is very exciting, you shouldn't neglect the health of your car during this time of the year. Read on to find out some tips for protecting a Kia in summer.

    1. Park in the shade

    It is very important to park your car in the shade as much as possible. Too much heat on the car’s exterior can cause premature aging of the paint and metallic parts. If you are parking in the sun, invest in a windshield sunshade to minimize the amount of radiation falling on your dashboard and steering wheel.

    2. Check the car’s air conditioning system

    The air conditioning system is most used during the summer months. For this reason, it is very important to keep your AC running well. If you notice any change in the air blowing from the vents, there is a possibility that your air conditioning system is leaking. Take your vehicle out for servicing to keep your AC working in order.

    3. Windshield wiper maintenance

    Scorching heat can cause some serious damage to the rubber on your windshield wipers. If your wipers wear out, it will impair their working when you might need to use them. Replace your windshield wipers if you notice any heat damage.

    4. Check your tire pressure

    Too much heat increases the pressure on the tires. If they endure too much stress, it can cause problems in traction and could also lead to tire blowouts. Check the pressure on your car tires every week or so to ensure that there is no damage due to over-inflation.

    5. Engine maintenance

    Keep a track on the health of your coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid for any fluctuations caused due to temperature changes. These keep the car running smoothly and are very important elements for ensuring engine efficiency. 

    Aside from the above steps, wash and clean your vehicle regularly to avoid the ill-effects of UV sun damage. By keeping these factors in check, you can ensure that your Kia is protected for the summer.

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