How Does KIA Lane Keep Assist System Work?

Most cars today come installed with Lane Keep Assist, which helps drivers from wavering from their lanes. It is a safety and convenience feature for drivers and is a part of KIA’s DRIVE WiSE safety technology suite. 

The KIA Lane Keep Assist alerts drivers when they begin to depart from their current lane using sensors and controlling the steering in extreme situations to minimize accidents. The current lane is detected using the KIA’s front view camera, and the driver is warned using tactile, visual and audible arms on wavering from this lane.

If you don’t have your turning signals switched on and happen to cross your lane’s markings, the warning signals go off to help you steer your car back onto your lane. With KIA DRIVE WiSE’s Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning systems, you are unlikely to ever waver off your chosen lane of driving for long.

Additional Safety Tech to Keep You and Your KIA Safe

The KIA Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning system is complemented with a host of other safety-rich capabilities, which, too, are part of KIA’s DRIVE WiSE safety package. If you get too close to the vehicle parked in the lane in front, KIA’s FCA or Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist will warn you by ringing out similar alarms. In extreme cases, it may also take over a certain portion of your brakes temporarily. 

When there’s a car inching on your tail and you’re unable to see it or estimate the distance from the automobile behind you, the Blind-Spot Collision Assist will help you using similar tactics. 

Is Your KIA Vehicle Safe Then?

The rich and expansive innovations offered by KIA’s DRIVE WiSE safety technology suite make KIA models extremely safe on the roads. If you wish to purchase a KIA vehicle or simply examine the safety features on them and happen to be in LaGrange, GA, or near Columbus, Manchester or Hogansville, stop in at KIA of LaGrange. We will help you every which way we can by showcasing KIA’s advanced safety. Who knows, perhaps we’ll also allow you to take your favorite KIA release for a test-drive!

Source: Pexels