Kia Maintenance: Normal vs. Severe Usage

Kia cars are one of the best cars in the market, especially in terms of car service.

At our Kia LaGrange service shop, we offer both normal and severe usage maintenance to car owners. If you’re wondering what the difference between the two is, here you go:

What does normal usage service entail?

Normal usage of your Kia car basically entails driving the car on roads that your Kia car is meant for. The normal usage service is done when you’ve only used the car on flat and well-paved roads, and you’ve not crossed the 6,000 miles or 6-month limit.

During a normal usage service, our Kia LaGrange service professionals will conduct a 27-point check just to make sure that your car is in top shape. In addition to this, all the fluids are changed or topped-up, your engine is spruced up, and your tires are examined.

What about the severe usage service?

Severe usage for Kia cars entails anything above the normal or regular usage conditions of the car. Severe usage falls under the following categories:

  • Using the Kia car for a commercial purpose to tow very heavy objects, when it doesn’t have such a towing capacity.
  • Always driving the car at a slow speed, not changing the gears as needed, or hitting the brakes unnecessarily.
  • Driving on extremely potholed/muddy roads or off-road tracks, when the car isn’t meant to be used on such terrains.
  • Operating the car on a beach or a sand dune or a mountainous area, when it’s not meant to be driven there.
  • Driving the car fast on a short stretch of road and abruptly bringing it to a screeching halt.
  • Running the car in extreme freezing temperatures or in climates that are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you do any of the above, you need to get your car serviced under the severe usage service category as soon as possible, even if the scheduled service is weeks-off.

If you don’t usually drive like this, then the severe usage service needs to be done at the 120-month or 150,000 miles mark.

In a severe usage service, the car is checked end-to-end, part-to-part, and if there’s any replacements or repairs needed, they’re done. The objective here is to identify any damage the Kia car has experienced and to fix it before it leads to accidents.

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