KIA UVO eServices Technology Overview

What is KIA’s UVO eServices Technology? UVO eServices technology is KIA’s subscription-free information system. The services allow you to seamlessly connect your phone to your vehicle and use voice command to control your apps and make phone calls hands-free. Other amenities provided by KIA UVO eServices Technology are – Emergency Assistance, My Car Zone, Parking Minder, and Camera Display. 

How Does it Work?

The best way to utilize your KIA’s UVO eServices new technology features is to connect it with your smartphone. No matter what make of smartphone you use, the technology will enable you to transfer your smartphone’s key features to your KIA’s digital display. 

You can easily download the KIA UVO eServices Technology app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Proceed to use it to navigate Google Maps, make and answer phone calls, listen to music, use your favorite apps and more while keeping your hands firmly on the wheel. 

How Do the Features Help?

The new technology features made available by KIA UVO eServices Technology make your life much easier as a KIA owner. Take, for instance, the Parking Minder facility. Park anywhere and the technology will automatically save the location of your vehicle. So, you no longer need to remember exactly where you parked; you can use the app on your phone to direct you to your car’s location precisely. How convenient is that?

Let’s talk about Diagnostics on the KIA UVO eServices Technology, which runs regular diagnostic checks on your vehicle’s health and then informs you when you should ideally call for maintenance services.

In the unfortunate case that you faced an accident in your KIA car, the 911 connect tool not only contacts 911 automatically when the airbags are deployed but also sends your whereabouts to 911. Talk about a life-saver!

When in LaGrange, GA, Visit KIA of LaGrange to Examine KIA UVO eServices Technology

Nobody buys a car without rich infotainment technology and safety elements anymore. You can drop into KIA of LaGrange if you are in LaGrange, GA, or near Manchester, Hogansville, and Columbus to check out all the new technologies the UVO eServices Tech on KIA vehicles has to offer first-hand.

Source: Pexels