Kia Cars

History of Kia

Kia cars in LaGrange are known for offering great value for money and are equipped with advanced safety and infotainment features. Headquartered in Seoul, Kia is the second-largest South Korean automobile manufacturer....continue reading

New Kia Optima

    2019 Kia Optima Features


    The 2019 Kia Optima is one step ahead of the competition. 

    Manufactured since 2000, the Optima is one of the most recognizable four-door mid-size cars by Kia. The Optima check off the right boxes and is a complete package. 

     Recently, Kia launched the 2019 version of the Optima. Since its launch, the 2019 Optima has been making a splash. The car has impressed both Kia fans and Kia critics with impressive styling and advanced features. 

    The vehicles efficient...continue reading